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Enterprise Risk Mapping

Enterprise Risk Mapping

Risk Sure Advisors are experts in the field of enterprise risk mapping. We explore ways to unearth the true cost of risk and the pitfalls associated with your company’s exposures. We work hard to develop proactive risk management plans that avoid losses, reduce costs and transfer risk.

Workers' Compensation

Workers’ compensation benefits provide coverage for employee’s work-related injuries or illnesses including medical care, a portion of wages from lost work time, rehabilitation costs, and death benefits.

Risk Sure Advisors has developed a proprietary workers’ compensation tool to help companies not only manage their workers’ compensation exposures, but empower them to take control of their cost or risk. Our program will place your organization squarely in the driver’s seat to reduce cost and send work comp expense dollars directly to your bottom line as profit.


Commercial Insurance Services

Construction Safety

Each project you build is different, and that is exactly why you need a different approach to your insurance needs. We work to ensure the right protection is provided for your employees, property and projects.

Property & Casualty (P&C)

Property and Casualty Insurance is an umbrella term that includes several forms of insurance and usually includes two primary coverage types: liability coverage (protecting you from liabilities that come from lawsuits and other similar claims); and property protection (protecting your property and other valuables).

As it relates to commercial and business insurance, Property and Casualty Insurance protects your business if it is sued, as well as your assets including: office space, lease agreements, inventory, furniture, or equipment.


When it comes to fleet insurance, we approach it with the diligence and attention to detail you need. We work with you to understand specific fleet insurance needs and risk tolerance, carefully reviewing loss history, driver experience, motor vehicle records and company safety policies to help keep premiums reasonable.

Food Safety

For those needing food safety insurance, we offer comprehensive protection to minimize damage to your business, equipment, and employees. We also offer general liability and loss of business insurance to help cover costs if you have to unexpectedly shut down.


Industries Served

Transportation and Trucking

Risks in the transportation and trucking industry are unique. With RiskSure, we have the industry experience necessary to bring you policies that help you minimize risk.
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Real Estate

With rising land and construction costs, and property damage from natural disasters, those in real estate face numerous risks. That’s why you need a team of professionals that know your industry. At RiskSure, we know how to curate the right plan based on your distinct needs.
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The construction industry assumes a great deal of risk on behalf of their clients and their employees. That is why you need a team that will comb through your policies to ensure your exposure is minimized.
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Food and Beverage

Equipment, inventory, and food liability are just a few of the considerations for those in the food and beverage industry when choosing their insurance coverage. At RiskSure, we carefully evaluate your needs to make sure you’re covered.
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Whether you specialize in large or small batch production, service interruptions, product recalls, and many other issues are real concerns to your livelihood. Having worked with local manufacturers, multinational corporations, and everything in between, we know how to keep you and your customers safe.
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The forestry industry includes numerous daily activities that present liability and insurance concerns for our clients. From the field to the saw mill, we work with you to establish a comprehensive plan that will limit exposure.
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Our non-profit clients serve a wide range of needs in our communities, and that is why you need insurance that is tailored specifically to your unique operations, as well as your budget. We work to take care of your insurance needs, so you can focus on your philanthropic work.
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Our network of independent rural agribusiness agents offer a comprehensive insurance coverage program designed exclusively to meet the unique needs of wineries and vineyard owners/managers. Our broad and flexible Winery Insurance Program brings together all the critical coverages needed by wineries, small and large.
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